Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A year gone by.

And things are still the same. Goddamn it. I don't know why I've only started feeling pissed off about this in the past few days, but I think it's time for an ACTUAL change. I'm not going to just tell myself "It's time to change", fap, then return to my usual routine of just sitting at the computer going back between 4chan and facebook. I took the first step today by working out again after about a year of inactivity. Started p90x again. I really haven't worked out in a while, and my nearly dead arms and sore abs show for it, lets hope those feelings go away. I've done this p90x thing before with a friend about two years ago, but we only did about a month and a half before I just quit due to laziness. This time i'm hoping to finish it, and then some.

 I'm also going to try and wean myself off of facebook and 4chan. As much as I love/hate /v/, it's the biggest timesink in my life. You can seriously be on there for hours on end and not get tired of it. Although the LoL and Fighting Generals get on my nerves. Those go on 24/7 and they just take up so much frontpage space. And as far as facebook goes... Well that shit just got stagnant. People post the most redundant and annoying things on there. Yes we know you don't have a girlfriend and you want one. Go out and do something about it. Yeah we know all men are terrible and you'll never find an honest guy to stick with you. Stop being a slut and try developing a relationship with someone before you go out with them. I'm one to talk though. I post stupid shit ALL the time. No more /v/ also means no more vidya gaems. At least keep it to the weekends, weekdays are for school and improving myself.

Well I think i'm just going to start posting on here again. And it's not a big deal if people don't comment on it now, or click on my ads. I'm done with the whole ad-sense thing. I guess this is just more of an open journal for me to vent my frustration and give myself piece of mind thinking that someone will read it so I don't feel so... damn alone in this ordeal. I shouldn't treat this like a bad thing though, i'm bettering myself. It's just these beginning days/weeks that i'm going to resent.

huh, guess I had a lot on my mind. I didn't think I was going to write much but I was wrong.

P.S. I think i'll still do my rounds for the people that still frequently post on here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My cat is flipping out,

She's meowing at my door, and throwing her paws underneath the crack in my door. She wants in. I'm not ready to let her in yet though.

I didn't think this would be this difficult, but this math class is burning me out. On top of that i'm still working out. I wasn't very keen on the idea of working out this morning, but I forced myself out of bed. I certainly felt better after that though, but i've been up for too late now. I need sleep. I can't keep playing Cortex Command with my bros.

Gotta go, shower, let the cat in, sleep, workout, math, repeat. Bigger post tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

6 weeks, and the general improvement of myself within that time.

 First off, lemme go ahead and apologize for not posting for the entire weekend. It was pretty busy, what with my brother coming back from San Diego to visit for the weekend, and the Superbowl going down. That being said i'm getting back into the groove again.

The next six weeks are going to be Hellish for me. Why you may ask? The biggest reason being that I've started my accelerated math course at college. Normally college courses go for 18 weeks. My math course is going for six weeks, five days a week, at 7:30 in the morning. That's just 30 days of straight up math going on. We're also learning everything we would normally learn within those 18 weeks in our six weeks. So i've got that going for me too. This means i've been getting up around 5 in the morning just to start working out. Oh by the way, I started working out too. Its nothing big right now, I'm following this regiment that involves three days of weights, and three days of cardio, alternating between each every day. The weights are probably going to be the hardest part cause its been a while since I've lifted. As far as cardio goes, i'm already dancing my butt off at work, so i've built up a tolerance towards jogging and that sort. The type of lifting i'm doing right now will tone up pretty much every muscle in my body right now, and I can vouch for that. I'm pretty damn sore all over my body, but its a good feeling.

Speaking of dancing, I'm also trying to get some sweet new dance moves, mainly for work, but also to impress the ladies. Cause everyone knows that the ladies like a guy who can move his feet. My dance routine at work has gotten a bit stale, same goes for my music, so i've been scouring the internet for some good music to dance to. I've found a pretty good amount and my library is slowly building.

Now that schools in full swing, i've found it difficult for me to find time to just laze around and play video games. (I still do though surprisingly.) I even went ahead and picked up the new map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops. I really wanted to play the new zombie map, but it's never that simple. Out of the 10 or so times I tried joining a game, I only ended up finding about 1 other person to play with. Sure there's like 16,000 other people playing the same map i'm playing, but they must all be playing together, therefore i'm the only one without a group to play with. The new map is still pretty fun, yet the developers still left a few things in the game that's infuriating, one being that if you get touched twice by the zombies, you're down unless you have juggernaut. That's  pretty stupid if you ask me. When I play these games, I feel like the developers take two steps forward and one step back. Maybe their intentions are pure, but its almost like they're holding out on us, and for $15 per dlc, that's just bs.

Luckily, the dreams i've been having are entertaining me for the time being. It's kinda weird, I may have already said this before but since I read the guide on lucid dreaming, I feel like i've become more aware of my dreams, even if they all aren't lucid. I had a dream a few days ago where I was almost convinced it was real life. I was being chased by the police for something I did, what that was I have no idea. I woke up all sweaty though, and I was pretty thankful I wasn't going to get arrested. Maybe it has to do with my subconscious.

Big wall of text this time, but i'm making up for about four or five days of not posting, so the next posts will be smaller for sure.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


One of my biggest hobbies is film-making. I've been doing this since I was 11 or so. And to me there's nothing more fun than thinking up an idea with a friend or two, and being able to see an idea come to life visually through film. My friends and I come up with the ideas, we all act, and I edit (Sometimes my bud Tony will edit, cause I get too tired/busy to work on our films.)

Our next idea revolves around an old western theme, with showdowns and all the stuff you'd see in some old western film. Biggest problem is the budget... And lack of camera. We're currently in the process of finding props and a camera. A lot of my money (Which isn't much) is going into this film, so of course I want this thing to be as awesome as possible. But for now our film is on a brief hiatus. I really hope this break doesn't last long. Hell I wrote an 11 page script for this thing. And that's a big deal cause we never script our stuff. We usually just film on impulse.

I've been trying to become a Youtube partner. It's more difficult than I thought. I feel like a lot of people would enjoy my films, or at least a certain group of people, i'm not trying to become some internet sensation. I have a tendency to... dislike those who are famous on Youtube. If you're a close friend of mine you know what I mean. I could rage about that stupid Fred kid for eons.

I guess I get all pissy because I see people online who have great talent, but they're barely recognized. But I guess people don't go on Youtube to see talent. They want to see crackheads doing backflips off roofs and people getting kicked in the balls. Speaking of crackheads...

Crap. I guess I just contradicted myself. This is what I like watching online.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Late Night Post

Its nearly 12 and I haven't done my daily post yet. I'll go ahead and make this one quick.

Didn't sleep well last night. I was up into the wee hours of the morning playing Dead Space 2. It also didn't help that it was crazy windy last night. I forgot to bring up the trash and recycle bins to the side of the house so I had a little adventure running out in the wind trying desperately to bring the bins back in.

I'm actually starting to get assignments in my classes now. A few online quizzes here, and a writing assignment there. My sociology professor says that this writing assignment she gave us is probably going to be the most difficult assignment out of the entire semester. Its a 2 to 3 page writing assignment regarding a social conflict that we have to explain. We don't even have to cite anything! Its purely opinion based. Needless to say, this should be a cakewalk.

I'm not looking forward to next week though. Starting on Monday, i've got class 5 days a week, starting at 7:30 in the morning. I guess that means no more staying up all night playing games. Its probably a good thing for me anyways, I need to focus on more important things in life. Particularly this blog, seeing how more and more people keep following me.

Okay. My head hurts. I think I need to drink some water. And take a shower. With that being said I bid you all adieu until tomorrow. Also here's my friend playing Whack-a-Shark.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Textbooks & Space Monsters

I finally decided to order my textbooks today after lagging for a good two weeks or so. Its not too big of a deal, the first few weeks of any class are pretty introductory and don't rely on bookwork. I mean we're watching "The Joy Luck Club" in my Asian American history class. But i'm falling behind on my reading and I seriously need to make sure I stay on top of that.

With school out of the way, I'll go ahead and tell you right now that I slept for a good 15 hours last night/afternoon. Woke up just in time to get ready for school today. I don't know if my awareness of my lucid dreams made them more numerous. It sure feels like it did cause I must have had at least four or five dreams that I could remember. One being that my friends and I went to Mexico and we were recruited into a gang. Fun stuff.

So tonight I decided to scare myself a bit and play Dead Space 2. I was a bit surprised however, i've been playing for a few hours and i've only jumped a few times. Its usually when I back up into an enemy and I turn around to see this monster right behind me. For those who have played the game: the game get any creepier? I just got past the cultist church part, and the glass breaks from that gunship. I had to fight that huge monster in space and that was pretty cool. Its kinda like watching a movie during those parts, but if I don't react quickly enough i'll die.

Monday, January 31, 2011

60+ Followers & Mondays (and video games).

Last night I was pleasantly surprised to see that about 30 people had followed me making the grand total around 60. Just wanted to thank all of you for making that happen. With that being said lets get into the nitty gritty of my Monday so far.

Woke up around 10 today. I didn't get much sleep last night. I must have been overexcited about the massive amount of people that joined my blog or something but I was literally in bed staring at my wall for a good hour. It was around 5 in the morning that I decided to do something. I ended up watching King of the Hill on Netflix while eating Fruity Pebbles. For some reason that did the trick, I passed out after 4 episodes and 3 bowls or cereal.

That gave me an hour's worth of time to get ready for school. Got through that with minimal resistance. I made myself a sandwich (A tuna melt with a fried egg. Try it, it's amazing.) when I got back home.

Well after I work out tonight I figure I could relax with a good computer game. I've been thinking about playing something nostalgic. I really liked the Jedi Outcast series. Anyone have any old games I could take a look at tonight? On the same vein of videogames, i've been looking at that first person shooter Brink. I might get it when it comes out. It really reminds me of the Timesplitters series, only a bit more dark. And seeing how the 4th one might not come into fruition, it'll definitely hold me over in terms of fps'es. The Call of Duty series has devolved into a "love/hate" thing for me. And right now we're in a bit of a rut.