Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A year gone by.

And things are still the same. Goddamn it. I don't know why I've only started feeling pissed off about this in the past few days, but I think it's time for an ACTUAL change. I'm not going to just tell myself "It's time to change", fap, then return to my usual routine of just sitting at the computer going back between 4chan and facebook. I took the first step today by working out again after about a year of inactivity. Started p90x again. I really haven't worked out in a while, and my nearly dead arms and sore abs show for it, lets hope those feelings go away. I've done this p90x thing before with a friend about two years ago, but we only did about a month and a half before I just quit due to laziness. This time i'm hoping to finish it, and then some.

 I'm also going to try and wean myself off of facebook and 4chan. As much as I love/hate /v/, it's the biggest timesink in my life. You can seriously be on there for hours on end and not get tired of it. Although the LoL and Fighting Generals get on my nerves. Those go on 24/7 and they just take up so much frontpage space. And as far as facebook goes... Well that shit just got stagnant. People post the most redundant and annoying things on there. Yes we know you don't have a girlfriend and you want one. Go out and do something about it. Yeah we know all men are terrible and you'll never find an honest guy to stick with you. Stop being a slut and try developing a relationship with someone before you go out with them. I'm one to talk though. I post stupid shit ALL the time. No more /v/ also means no more vidya gaems. At least keep it to the weekends, weekdays are for school and improving myself.

Well I think i'm just going to start posting on here again. And it's not a big deal if people don't comment on it now, or click on my ads. I'm done with the whole ad-sense thing. I guess this is just more of an open journal for me to vent my frustration and give myself piece of mind thinking that someone will read it so I don't feel so... damn alone in this ordeal. I shouldn't treat this like a bad thing though, i'm bettering myself. It's just these beginning days/weeks that i'm going to resent.

huh, guess I had a lot on my mind. I didn't think I was going to write much but I was wrong.

P.S. I think i'll still do my rounds for the people that still frequently post on here.

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