Saturday, January 29, 2011

I forgot my gloves.

I had work earlier today. If you didn't know already i'm a sign waver at my local mall. Basically for three hours I stand on a street corner holding an advertisement. Well I don't stand. I get down. Waaaaay down. Its funny how some people react to my dancing. I get a lot of smiles, fist-pumps, people taking pictures of me, even the occasional middle finger. But for the most part I get a positive response. Thing is, my hands get chafed from the metal handles so I would normally wear gloves to prevent that. I knew I was forgetting something today when I left for work but its not that big of a deal, my hands will be back to normal in a day or two.

So i'm back home. I don't want to go out tonight. I just want to relax and work on my friends snowboarding video. I'll probably upload it on here when I finish it.

Before I finish. I want to let you guys know that i'm really appreciative of all the attention i've been getting on here so far. Its almost overwhelming, to the point where I might end up overlooking a blog or two. I won't let this happen though, i'll make sure I visit all of you daily.

That being said, enjoy this video. I went bowling with some friends a few days ago and this was the end result:


  1. HAHAHHA! Toss into the gutter, I'm sure I've done that before!

  2. lmfao, dont you need to wear a costume?
    But well done. :D


  3. woah you must have some balls in order to just dance in front of random people!

  4. good on you for having a dance and making a boring job more interesting. Seeing things like that while i'm walking around town really brightens my day.

  5. hahaha loved the ball throw there ! If I did that at the local bowling alley they would go ape shit !
    Too bad about ya hands ! Do you have to dress up as anything for your job? I love it when they put out the man in bear costume for a real estate business here haha !

  6. Are you a private dancer? A dancer for money?